Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Sculpture!

Piece of wood, with hole bored through center from insects. I poured molten bronze into this hole, and this is what happened.

I think it turned out great!

detail of top

detail of mid section

more to come!!!

Good Times

pouring bronze into wood, lots of fire

my instructor and I pouring the bronze

the wood section being split to free the bronze

the piece, out of the wood and cleaned up a bit

I found wood with tunnels bored out of the middle from insects, after cleaning it up a bit and clearing some of the contents inside the tunnels, I poured molten bronze into the holes, giving me these great positive casts from the negative space inside the branches. I think they came out very well! I had no idea what would happen.

screen print installation in my studio for Open Studios

a view inside my studio, some sculptures on the floor, and pictures/prints on the wall

another view

Fine Arts: Open Studios, it was very successful. We had lots of traffic coming through our studios all night long. It is a yearly event held here at Ringling, where the senior Fine Arts class opens their individual studios to the public as they walk through campus and check them all out. It was a great event.

Photo of a part of my sculpture, and I, in my studio